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 Beach soccer, also known as sand soccer or beach football, is a variant of association football (soccer) played on a sandy surface, typically on a beach or a sand-filled playing field. It is a highly popular and exciting sport that combines the skills of traditional football with the unique challenges and dynamics of playing on sand.

The game follows most of the basic rules of traditional football, with a few modifications to suit the sandy environment. The most notable difference is that beach soccer is played with fewer players on each team. Typically, two teams of five players, including the goalkeeper, compete against each other. The smaller team size promotes faster gameplay, more frequent scoring opportunities, and increased individual involvement.

The playing field is smaller than a traditional football pitch, and there are no fixed goalposts. Instead, beach soccer goals are smaller and have no net, allowing the ball to pass through. The lack of walls or boundaries means that the ball remains in play even when it goes out of bounds, allowing for continuous action and quick restarts.

Beach soccer is known for its fast-paced nature, skillful techniques, and acrobatic moves. The sandy surface adds an additional challenge, as players must adjust their movements and ball control techniques to accommodate the uneven and shifting terrain. The soft sand also allows players to perform bicycle kicks, overhead kicks, and other impressive aerial maneuvers more easily.